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We provide STEAM enrichment activities with the hand-picked teachers and gifted activities we would want our children to have. Designed by an experienced teacher and mother to keep the instructional learning going all day.


The curriculum is curated based on the location of the program and the instructional staff available in the area.  The instructional staff is selected based on their work in the community, resumes and experience working with children.



Our Fall 2022 curriculum at Gulf Beaches (GBEMS):


Monday: Safari Savvy Reptiles

Tuesday: Drumming with The Giving Tree

Wednesday: Sculptures & Mosaics with The Color Express

Thursday: Gardening  

Friday: Snapology!


Our Fall 2022 curriculum at Campbell Park (CPECS):




"Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what's inside you..." 



A Typical Solaria Day

Students gather with our lead teacher and participate in outdoor science enrichment, from there our expert teachers teach enrichment classes based on the enrichment of the day. We wrap up the day with quality literature readings with our students.  


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